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Crafting a sport-based experience product

In autumn of 2019, during my Haaga-Helia UAS specialization studies, Creating Competitive Tourist Destinations, our team of four was commissioned by Sokos Hotel Rikala in Salo.

The task was to craft a sporty experience product for individual, international (business) travellers.

The product was to be sustainable and to support local service providers.

Customer profile

In the research phase, it soon became clear that the majority of hotel’s guests were travelling for business and that international guests were mostly men from the German speaking countries.

Our team visited Salo and discussed extensively with the manager of the hotel to understand the past and current offerings and also the level and nature of co-operation between businesses in Salo region.

As a result, we created a customer persona, Hermann, to whom we targeted our experience product.

What is the ideal way to spend your evening on a business trip?

You’ve had a long day at work and you’re facing a busy day again tomorrow.

It is easy to get out of balance while away from home.

At the same time, it is extremely important to relax, refresh, recover and sleep better!

Choosing partners

Our team decided to co-operate with the versatile Salo Sport Park.

We wanted to provide easy access to local activities and to package them in an appealing way.

Our idea of Sports Master Key is kin to the Finnish Smartum Exercise Benefit, but aimed towards travellers: with it one can pay any individual activity that doesn’t require booking in advance. Simple and easy!

Simple customer journey map


We aimed to create a meaningful flow of experiences that would promote health and result in better sleep.

Power Treat is a specially customized protein rich smoothie, that showcases Finnish ingredients. It is prepared in the hotel kitchen.

Sauna will give the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

We named the product Feierabend, which is German and means (roughly) to cherish one’s life outside of work.

Business model

Feierabend is sold through Bokun, hotel’s own website and reception. It is a low maintenance product.

Customer will buy it because it is a sustainable year-round product that brings together already existing local activities, and it has a meaningful flow of sports, food, sauna and a good night’s sleep.

The price for Feierabend is only 29 euros, including taxes. Gross margin is 13 euros.

Also available for extra price:

  • bicycle rental (distance to Sport Park is 1,5 km)
  • beauty package for sauna
  • a massage
  • in-room movie and candy
  • discount from hotel restaurant

Again, a project and a team I’m proud of. We were able to craft an appealing, feasible product and to add substantial value to our commissioner and to the target customers.

I love the challenge of a new project, the wicked but hopeful early phases, and the joy of discovering and polishing fresh options. Naming the products is one of my specialties.

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